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Heart Wing Butterfly DoodleDab February 6, 2013

Here’s a pretty little butterfly with heart shaped wings flown in just in time for jazzing up your love notes for

Valentines Day!

A quick review of how to make the teardrop stroke with the Dual Brush Pens from Tombow:

Teardrop Stroke: Using the brush tip, ‘dab‘ onto the paper to make the teardrop stroke. It’s that simple! Don’t make the stroke too small; you will not harm the tip by pressing down on it.

Brush Blending – for creating two-toned strokes – Use a sheet of clear plastic taped to a white piece of paper, for your blending palette. To make two-toned teardrop strokes, choose two colors, one darker than the other. Add a few strokes of the darker color onto the blending palette. Pick up this color with a lighter colored pen by dragging the pen through the color. Make the teardrop stroke and you will have magically created a perfectly blended two-toned stroke. You will find you can go far with just one load of color; you do not have to pick up more color for each stroke.

Heart Wing Butterfly

Start with a large dot made with the fine tip for the head of your butterfly. Make a teardrop stroke underneath for the body. Make the wings using the teardrop stroke, bringing the points together like a heart for the top set of wings. With the fine tip and a fine touch, add the antennae and the dotted flight path. For additional detail, add dots on the wings with a white gel pen or glitter pen.

I hope you can use this sweet tipnique to show you’re special someone how much you care. Until next time…Happy crafting…

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