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Penny Tap Shoes April 22, 2013

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This idea of gluing pennies to the bottom of your shoes for tap dancing has been on the internet for a while – but it was hard to find out exactly what adhesive to use that was strong enough to hold them tight, able to be removed and not damage your shoes.

I found the answer! Power Tabs from Tombow worked great! Make sure you wash off any dust or dirt from the bottom of your shoes (very important) let dry, then place down the Power Tabs. Adhere the pennies and voila! Instant tap shoes!


I was thinking it would be great fun to start a ‘Tapping Tuesday’ day at work! It makes for a happy day tap dancing around the office! Kids love this as well! You just can’t help tip-tapping around when you wear them! Have fun and dance like there’s no one watching!


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One Response to “Penny Tap Shoes”

  1. calamityjane Says:

    What a fun idea!!!

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