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Glue Pen Magic by Marie Browning June 17, 2013


Welcome to this week’s Tombow Blog hop with guest designer Trixi Hulm!

Here’s some magic you can do with Tombow’s Glue Pen and the Dual Brush Markers. I started with a piece of smooth, 90lb watercolor paper from Canson and used the glue pen to draw a simple flower. Because you are drawing with a clear pen onto white paper, make sure you have good, direct overhead lighting, and you need to hold your head just right to be able to see the wet glue on the paper! Let the glue dry a few minutes and then cover the paper with color using the splash technique. Splash technique? Simply cover the blending palette with Dual Brush Pen color, mist on water and then place the paper right side down into the diluted color. Lift up and let dry for an interesting watercolor background. The Glue Pen resists the color and you have a white lined drawing! No need to remove the glue!


Next use your Dual Brush Pens to add color into the details, you can add it directly onto the paper or use the indirect blending method.

You can also add color around the image as I did here with a green hue. The most important thing to remember is to have fun!



Here are some additional images using the same Glue Pen resist technique. Oh yea, the glue pen is also awesome to adhere rhinestones, glitter or other small embellishments onto your paper crafts!


If you follow all the blogs on the hop this week you can win this amazing package of Tombow products: MONO Removable Adhesive and MONO Permanent Adhesive with refills!

The more you comment, the more chances you have to win!
Now, head on over to Trixi’s Blog to see what kind of craftiness she is up to!

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19 Responses to “Glue Pen Magic by Marie Browning”

  1. Bette Abdu Says:

    There are so many creative possibilities with this well designed glue pen — who knew?

  2. Debbie Fisher Says:

    I love using the glue pen for this technique. Beautiful designs Marie.

  3. Amber Lindsey Says:

    How fun is that design!how fun is that design?

  4. Tracy Tanner Says:

    Thanks for the fun technique. I am excited to try this out. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ava Gavloski Says:

    thanks for sharing this technique with all of us., i have this pen and will give this a try

  6. Kris Budreau Says:

    Fun and cute drawings! Had no idea you could do this with a glue pen! Love it!! TFS

  7. Jean Bullock Says:

    Cool! Now I need to get that glue pen, lol. Great technique and tutorial. Thanks so much.

  8. Sue D Says:

    Very cool technique!

  9. Lynnie Einerson Says:

    Wow, amazing. This is beautiful.

  10. Lisa T. Says:

    What an amazing technique!! Love this!!

  11. This is so neat. You always have such great idea’s and techniques. I need one of these pens now. Thanks for sharing.

  12. melonscrapp Says:

    Great technique! I will have to check into this more. TFS

  13. Migdalia Says:

    Very Beautiful!!

  14. Barb Wagar Says:

    Wow, you are so artistic. It’s so beautiful and I love the technique of it. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Teresa Godines #6857 Says:

    Amazing!!! Beautiful!!! If you can’t tell I love this technique. I will have to try this one myself. TFS

  16. jennyfer26 Says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Love that glue pen and for a beginner like me, I can finally doodle like a big kid:-)

  17. WOWOWOWOW! Very cool!!!! I gotta try this!

  18. Lyn Kaufmann Says:

    Great technique-something new to try. Love it.
    Thank you for sharing your talent!

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