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Sticky U Project with Xtreme Adhesive August 25, 2014

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For my Sticky U project using Tombow’s Xtreme Adhesive I decided to really test it on different surfaces. I have been wanting to decorate a mason jar with an forest bird theme, so I started by filling my jar with moss, a plastic egg and a birdcage with a pretty verdigris patina. 

Now to test the Xtreme! Ribbon to Glass: perfect! I applied the Xtreme to the ribbon and it was easy to attach instantly with a strong bond and no mess! 


Trim to Metal: Perfect! I added a circle of burlap to the top be adding the Xtreme to the metal surface. For the lace I attached the Xtreme to the trim and then added it to the rim. On an open weave like this lace, the Xtreme only adhered to the lace, leaving the open spaces free of excess glue.


Cork to Glass: Perfect! Trim to Ribbon and Cork: Perfect! Again, the Xtreme adhered to the Rick Rack with no excess on the edges! Perfect adhesion! 


Paper to Cork and Paper to Paper: Perfect and Perfect! This was such a quick project as the adhesion for everything was quick and held strong from the get go! 


My finished project! It’s going to live at my desk to remind me of my weekend walks/runs with my husband. Here’s a photo of my inspiration:


Moss is a huge trend right now, and as you can see I am surrounded by it on Vancouver Island. However, I still buy it from the floral department at craft stores. Why? Moss contains hundreds of bugs that will hatch when you bring it indoors, you also destroy sensitive ecosystems by gathering it yourself. Better to buy it already treated and sensibly collected from logged areas. 


Tombow’s Xtreme Adhesive gets a big thumbs up from me! 


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