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Blog Hop with Jen Goode! November 14, 2014

This weekend we are blog hopping with our guest designer Jen Goode! If you have just come from Jennie Garcia’s blog you are on the right track! If not, go back to the beginning on the Tombow Blog for a chance to win a fabulous prize set of Bright Tombow Markers!

Do you have an ornament exchange party this season? Here’s a great project that I created and made 15 in 1 evening with the help of Tombow Adhesives!


Here is the finished shadow box ornament.


Here are the Tombow Products you will need:

  • Xtreme Adhesive
  • Mono Multi Liquid glue
  • Mono Aqua Liquid glue
  • Power Tabs
  • Dual Brush Pens to color stampings


Here’s the supplies you need to make ONE ornament:

  • one 10″ x 2″ piece of corrugated cardboard – with 1/2″ notches at each end and scored in half (see photo above for grain direction)
  • one 10″ x 2″ and two 3″ circles cut from decorative cardstock  (paper from Bo Bunny)
  • one cotton ball
  • rhinestones – variety of sizes
  • glitter (Art Institute Glitter)
  • Scene elements – I used two miniature bottle brush trees and a deer
  • Stamps to add a sentiment to the back (sample from Stampendous)
  • Beaded hanger – 3″ headpin and beads
  • Ribbon Bow (I show a gold bow here but ended up using a white bow!) Ribbon from May Arts 


Step 1: Using the Xtreme Adhesive , (Xtreme is a perfect choice for quick, strong adhesion!) glue the decorative paper panel into the folded corrugated piece. Fringe cut the decorative paper every 1/4″

Step 2: Before going to the next step, stamp and color one of the circle pieces using the Dual Brush Pens.This will be the back of the ornament.


Step 3: Form the shadow box into a circle and glue ends together using the Mono Multi. Use a clothespin to hold while drying. Fold in the fringes and using the Mono Multi, glue the circles to the inside and back to form the circular shadow box. With the shadow box made, I then glued in rhinestones on both sides using the Mono Multi (the fine tip is easy to control to make tiny drops of glue).


Step 4: Create the beaded hanger by punching a tiny hole at the top of the shadow box. Add some beads to the headpin, then place through the hole. Continue to add a few more beads. Add a tiny drop of Mono Multi Glue in-between each bead.  Fold the top of the headpin to form the hanger.


Step 5: I added glitter to the trees by rolling them in a puddle of  Aqua Glue and then sprinkling on the glitter. (Aqua is my main go-to glue for adding glitter!) The glittery forest was so pretty!


Step 6: Build your scene! Tear apart the cotton ball and drizzle some Aqua Glue on. Mix it gently by pulling the cotton apart and place into the shadow box (yes, I know, a little messy but Aqua washes away easily with a wet wipe).Glue in the trees and the deer with the Multi Glue. Sprinkle on some glitter and set aside to dry.


Step 7: Add a bow to the top with a Power Tab and you’re finished! The Tombow Adhesives allowed me to speed through this project with great results! Make sure you ask Santa for your favorite Adhesives this holiday!

bloghop_jen Goode

In order to be qualified to win this amazing PRIZE,Tombow’s Dual Brush Pen Bright Set, PLEASE comment on each of the designers projects. We will announce a winner Monday, November 17. Now go to our guest designer Jen Goode’s Blog to see what she has created for you!


Parks and Recreation Blog Hop September 26, 2014



Welcome to Hydrangea Hippo’s Parks and Recreation Blog Hop! I created a personalized clip board; what every recreational programmer needs (especially if you have political aspirations!) using Fancy Pants’ Timbergrove Collection and Tombow Adhesives.








I decorated both the front and the back of the clipboard with the papers and embellishments. I love when paper collections have everything you need to make it fun and simple to coordinate your project!


To start, I covered both the front and back with paper using MONO Aqua Liquid Glue. It’s a perfect paper to wood glue that goes on smooth with no wrinkles. The photo, frame, tickets and smile panel were attached using the MONO Adhesive Dots Runner. 


Any heavier embellishments, like this button on the metal clip, are attached using Xtreme Adhesive. This high performance adhesive is 5x stronger than standard tape runners!


For that finishing touch, I attached a pen to the board using a Fastener Tab.  These hook and loop tags are ultra thin with a long-lasting grip that can be pulled apart and stuck together as often as you like. A very handy way to have your pen always at the ready! I used one of favorite Tombow pens, the Zoom 727 Ballpoint.


Another quick and fun project using Tombow Adhesives!








Jennie’s Book Challenge September 15, 2014

Work with book pages? Challenge accepted! This is an easy challenge Jennie as I LOVE working with book pages! IMG_1182

This Roster tag features a technique I developed called Subtractive Stamping. It uses book pages that have been scanned and printed (actual book pages are too delicate to use). The images are stamped on very lightly, then erased with the Colored Pencil Eraser  to remove the print. You then stamp again with black ink and color with the Irojiten Colored Pencils.



It’s all explained in my new book, Pencil Magic, hot off the press from Design Originals, Fox Chapel Publishing! It’s just one of the many different graphite and colored pencil techniques I share. This book is excellent for beginners, as well as experienced artists, with many new techniques for you to try.


The subtractive stamping technique works with other ephemera such as vintage journal pages, documents and music sheets! This bird card is done with a scanned and printed Italian document from 1836.



What can you create using book pages? If you haven’t guessed, the challenge for this month is BOOKS! Anything related with books; altered books, quotes from your favorite books, library cards, book paper, mini books! The sky is the limit! Create a book inspired project for your chance to win Jennie’s Book Challenge! Check out the great prize! It will include Xtreme Adhesive, Mono Multi Liquid Glue and Foam Tabs! Winner will be announced Sept 24. 

Go to the Tombow Blog for more information!


Blog Hop with Guest Designer Diana Larson September 12, 2014


Welcome to the blog hop with guest designer Diana Larson! If you just came from Jennie’s Blog you are on the right track! if not, you may want to go back to the start at the Tombow Blog


It’s harvest time! My bushes and trees are just loaded with fruit this year, grapes, apples and scarlet runner beans will be processed into grape jelly, applesauce and mustard beans this weekend! In honor of the harvest I made a quick DIY home project with pear shaped crystals from Connie Crystals and Tombow Adhesives! 


These are so simple to make! Add a little bit of the Mono Multi Liquid Glue onto the back of a crystal and place onto your image. Let dry crystal clear and trim away the excess paper.


I hung some of the crystals on chain with a clip at the top to hang from lamps, use as fan pulls or just to display in a window. I think I may even put one in my car! I used 1/2 of a Power Tab to attach the velvet leaf onto the back.


Some I made into magnets to use in my office on the filing cabinet. One Power Tab is plenty strong enough to attach the magnet to the back.


Aren’t they great? I think they would make great gifts for friends at your office as well!

Blog Hop_DL

In order to qualify to win this amazing prize, Mono Aqua Liquid Glue and an Irojiten Color Pencil Sepia 5 set, please comment on each of the designer’s projects! The lucky winner will be announced on Monday Sept 15. 

Now go to our quest designer, Diane Larson’s Blog to see what fabulous project she has created for you! Happy Blog Hopping!


Sticky U Project with Xtreme Adhesive August 25, 2014

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For my Sticky U project using Tombow’s Xtreme Adhesive I decided to really test it on different surfaces. I have been wanting to decorate a mason jar with an forest bird theme, so I started by filling my jar with moss, a plastic egg and a birdcage with a pretty verdigris patina. 

Now to test the Xtreme! Ribbon to Glass: perfect! I applied the Xtreme to the ribbon and it was easy to attach instantly with a strong bond and no mess! 


Trim to Metal: Perfect! I added a circle of burlap to the top be adding the Xtreme to the metal surface. For the lace I attached the Xtreme to the trim and then added it to the rim. On an open weave like this lace, the Xtreme only adhered to the lace, leaving the open spaces free of excess glue.


Cork to Glass: Perfect! Trim to Ribbon and Cork: Perfect! Again, the Xtreme adhered to the Rick Rack with no excess on the edges! Perfect adhesion! 


Paper to Cork and Paper to Paper: Perfect and Perfect! This was such a quick project as the adhesion for everything was quick and held strong from the get go! 


My finished project! It’s going to live at my desk to remind me of my weekend walks/runs with my husband. Here’s a photo of my inspiration:


Moss is a huge trend right now, and as you can see I am surrounded by it on Vancouver Island. However, I still buy it from the floral department at craft stores. Why? Moss contains hundreds of bugs that will hatch when you bring it indoors, you also destroy sensitive ecosystems by gathering it yourself. Better to buy it already treated and sensibly collected from logged areas. 


Tombow’s Xtreme Adhesive gets a big thumbs up from me! 


Blog Hop with Lily Criswell August 8, 2014

So happy to be blog hopping with guest designer Lily Criswell! Our amazingly talented guest is only 9 years old and already a seasoned designer! Play along and have a chance to win Tombow product! If you just came from Jennie’s blog, you are on the right track! If not you may want to start at the Tombow Blog. It’s also back to school time so Mom’s can celebrate by crafting this elegant pencil box – not for the children, it’s for you! 

IMG_0904I started by re-purposing a box I had. With some book pages and Tombow’s Aqua Liquid Glue I decoupaged on the sides and on the inside. Aqua Glue is a amazing glue for this purpose, and the build in applicator makes it mess free! I simply cut book pages to fit the sides and applied an layer of Aqua to attach. I also brushed on a coat of Aqua on top to give it a nice matte finish. Do you see the book page pencil? Yes, Aqua worked perfectly to cover the pencil as well! 


I also added book pages on the inside – I didn’t worry about tears and wrinkles as I liked the distressed look! The ribbon handle and front label embellishment were added using Power Tabs for a strong, lasting hold. When dry I filled it with my essentials; Tombow Correction Tape, Xtreme Adhesive, Drawing Pencils and a Fudenosuke Brush Pen.  Now I’m all set to mark my fridge calendar with upcoming events!  

blank blackboard sign

Now to win a package of Soft Primary Irojiten Colored Pencils and Xtreme Adhesive please comment on all the Design Team’s projects as well as liking the TombowUSA Facebook page! Your next stop is Lily’s blog to see what she has created for you! 




Blog Hop with Guest Designer Anna Wight June 13, 2014



Welcome to the Blog Hop with our talented guest Designer Anna Wight! If you just came from Jennie’s Blog you are on the right path! If not, you may want to start at the Tombow blog!


For this blog I am going to show you a technique that uses both the Dual Brush Pens and Irojiten Colored Pencils. These two colorful products play well together and you get the benefit of quick color blocking with the markers and simple shading to create beautiful images with the colored pencils. This is a perfect project if you are a beginner to coloring your stamped images or Zentangle inspired drawings! Here I have started with a simple flower design filled with tangles drawn with the Mono Twin Permanent Pen.


Next, use light colored Dual Brush Pens and the brush tip to simply fill in the main areas with color. Don’t worry about blending colors! Let these colors dry a few minutes before the next step.  The markers used here are: 703, 991, 603, 553, 126 and 195

IMG_3611Now using the Irojiten Colored Pencils, here I am using the Vivid Tones, shade in the drawing to give it depth. Start with using the same colors, for example, the red colored pencil on the pink parts. I then add blue for the shadows on all the parts to create deep shadows.


Here are some more colorful examples using this technique! Quick color coverage provided with Light hues of the Dual Brush Pens, then controlled, easy shading using the Irojiten Colored Pencils!

Blog Hop_AW

The prize for this blog hop includes Xtreme Adhesive, Mono Adhesive Removable and Mono Aqua Liquid Glue!

In order to enter to win this prize from Tombow, please comment on all the Design Team’s projects this weekend! Now go to guest designer Anna Wight’s blog to see what she has created for you!


Blog Hop with Cabio Tse December 9, 2013

The Tombow Design Team is blog hopping this week with talented guest designer Cabio Tse. If you just came from Jennie’s blog you are on the right track! If not, and you want a chance to win a prize, go back to Tombow’s Blog and follow the projects!

IMG_2380I have long admired vintage shadow boxes, and decided to create some to hang on the tree this season. Authentique Papers inspired this project, along with this beautiful quote printed on their cardstock;

“We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in out hand and melting like a snowflake” Marie Ray

IMG_2353I constructed the shadow box using corrugated cardstock and the gorgeous winter themed cardstock from Authentique’s Glistening Collection. The box was put together using Multi Liquid Glue for a nice strong bond.


IMG_2356To create the snowy scene, I glued in pulled-apart cotton balls using Aqua Liquid Glue. I then dribbled Aqua glue all over the ‘snow’ and sprinkled with vintage clear glass glitter. A few drops of Multi glue on the bottle brush trees and miniature deer held the winter scene together.


IMG_2384Here are two more vintage box designs – they were so fast and fun to put together!

Blog Hop_CT

Enter to win these great Tombow Products! MONO Multi Liquid Glue, Irojiten Colored Pencils, MONO Removable Adhesive and MONO Removable Adhesive Refill. Make sure to comment on all the Design Team’s projects! The winner will be announced Friday Dec. 13 at 3:30 pm EST.

Now go to Cabio’s Blog to see what wonderful project she has created!


Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop September 30, 2013


Welcome to Laura Kelly’s wonderful Halloween Popcorn Box Blog Hop! You will see lots of inspirational designs and have a chance to win a $100 Disney Gift Card!


I decided to create a gift container for a Halloween party. I covered the popcorn box with spooky spiderweb cardstock using Tombow’s Aqua Liquid Glue; my favorite go-to glue for laminating paper together! I added a cute button spider made with colored wire and buttons from Laura Kelly Buttons from Buttons Galore and attached him crawling out of the top with a Tombow Power Tab. The decorative paper tag and paper strip at the bottom of the box are cardstock from Graphic 45’s ‘Place in Time’ Collection and attached using Tombow’s Dot Adhesive.

The box is then filled with a set of pumpkin carving tools from the dollar store, Tombow Dual Brush Pens in Halloween colors and a set of Halloween stamped cards. Perfect items for activities at the party! I would have added candies as well, but then I would have had to eat them so substituted pumpkin lights to embellish! Muw-ha-ha-ha! My evil genius foiled the calorie gremlins once again!

Make sure to check out – a wonderful social site filled with projects to experience the joy of crafting!

Here’s to a happy, spooky and crafty Halloween!


Tombow and Core’dinations Blog Hop! August 15, 2013


I hope you are ready from some Fun Ideas and Great Prizes this week from Tombow and Core’dinations! If you’re here from Kate’s Blog, then you’re in the right place,  if not then you may want to start at the beginning.  For my project today I decorated  a kraft bag in a Turquoise and Rust color combination.

IMG_1729I used a rust colored tag from the dark Core Tags set, distressed it with the Sand It tools and decorated with die cuts from Memory Box. Before placing the paper into the die cutter, simply sand it to create the distressing and to reveal the kraft colored core.

IMG_1730Here’s a close up of the die cut decorating the panel on the front of the bag. I ran both the distressed rust and turquoise Kraft-Core  paper through the die cutter and put the pieces together using the MONO Glue Pen. The Glue Pen is perfect for when you need pin-point application! It was easy to slightly askew the blossoms to form a shadow effect and to add the rhinestones exactly where I wanted them. For attaching the branch to the panel, the Dot Adhesive Stamp Runner enabled me to add this finely cut detail cleanly and securely!


It’s also the little things in your crafting that mean so much to the finished project! So work those details with the fine products from Tombow and Core’dinations!

To be eligible to win, please comment on each of the designers projects  and don’t forget to “Like” the Core’dinations Facebook Page and “Like” the Tombow Facebook Page. If you don’t have a Facebook, still comment on the projects and Tombow will select someone to win a prize just for playing! Now go and visit Ellen’s page and see what she has created!

Bloghop_Core'dinationThe giveaway from Tombow includes Power Tabs, Foam Tabs, Fastener Tabs and a Mono Glue Pen

GS 6x6 BM SIT (2) Core’dinations will be giving away an amazing prize package of Glitter Silk Cardstock, Black Magic, and a Sand It set (subject to availability)

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